The colourful brand identity of axicur® – non-prescription healthcare products from Germany

Find out how we stand by our commitments to quality, price and customer-friendly service.

Non-prescription health manufactured in Germany

Our growing OTC range is geared perfectly to the needs of the quality and price-conscious customer. Made in Germany, it impresses with its outstanding value for money - a quality that is very much in demand across all customer groups.

axicorp OTC products available without prescription, but are pharmacy-only medicines. This means that they can only be dispensed to consumers by pharmacies and require a consultation between the pharmacist and the patient. Classically, patients will find this product category in their line of sight behind the counter ("over the counter"). With the traditional proprietary ibutop® brand, we most importantly also have a true classic from the OTC sector in our product range.

Attractive prices and healthy cost-effectiveness

Many patients rely on the expert advice they receive from their pharmacy. This is why our non-prescription medicines are products that are very much in demand and tailored to the needs of pharmacy customers.

We also take care to ensure excellent cost-effectiveness and healthy margins throughout the supply chain. As a result, we are able to ensure healthy pricing for all parties, which ultimately also benefits the patient with an attractive consumer price.

Verified quality from Germany

We have very high quality standards and we are happy to take full responsibility for the quality of our own brands. To guarantee our customers a consistently high standard of quality, our products are subjected to constant quality checks with extensive verification.

Our proprietary OTC brands are manufactured in Germany. As a result, we are an SME-sector pharmaceutical company with domestic production consistently bucking the trend in the pharmaceutical industry towards outsourcing production to low-wage countries.

Modern packaging design

The eye-catching and uniform appearance of the products under the umbrella brand ‘axicur® - rezeptfreie Gesundheit’ establishes a link between diversity in the product range and the variety of colours. The straightforward packaging design with bold colours and distinctive symbols for the indication fields ensures immediate recognition of the broad product range. The new appearance of the packaging also reinforces the uniqueness of the axicur® umbrella brand.
As a vibrant, fresh and dynamic company, we are bringing fresh colour to the over-the-counter health market with our sales-boosting look.

Strong brands for a range of indications