The fully comprehensive service package for pharmacists

We provide personal, individual customer support and work closely with our pharmacies. Our customers are able to rely at all times on the expertise of a leading company in the field of EU pharmaceuticals parallel imports and re-imports. Our business is geared towards mutual success and our customers across many different sectors feel the benefits. Products and processes are tailored to the needs and requirements of pharmacists. We offer a carefully thought-out and high-quality portfolio with optimised pricing, an attractive partner programme and customer-friendly direct service . Mutual, mature trust therefore becomes the basis for our successful cooperation.




Carefully thought out and benefit-focused: 
our product portfolio

We offer EU pharmaceuticals as well as OTC products from a single source. As a result, our customers benefit from numerous synergy effects arising from the bundling of our expertise.

Direct orders give you the advantage that we are able to accommodate your wishes and needs more effectively and provide you with matching exclusive offers.

Reliable and safe: verified quality throughout the entire supply chain

Medicines have to be safe. With extensive, in-house testing processes, we safeguard the consistently high quality of all of the products we market. We take responsibility for product quality and only work with suppliers who meet our high quality expectations.

Our customers can depend on our high standards of quality.

With our proprietary OTC brands, you can rely on the quality of German manufacturing.

Friendly and professional:
 excellent service from axicorp

Direct contact with a defined contact is our trademark. You are at the heart of what we do, because we know how valuable your time is. So you can be sure that we will use your time efficiently through sound, rapid advice.

To support this, we offer our customers a wide range of information. This includes, for example, our monthly newsletter, a clear service portal or a direct telephone line.

Your advantages at a glance:

Service portal

We have provided all of the information you need on our service portal ready for you to download.


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Exclusive offers

If you choose a partnership with axicorp, exclusive partner offers await you.

Partner programme

Find out more about the attractive benefits of our pharmacist partner programme.

Personal advice

We're here for you! With us, you have a defined contact who is happy to take the time to assist you.

Personal advice

We're here for you! With us, you have a defined contact who is happy to take the time to assist you.


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